We are so used to the tights of modern synthetic materials that no one has doubt that the microfiber is a good material. It is practical easily washed material, which does not change its color and lay emphasis on the women's legs. While totally cotton slipping down tights will be raved and with loosed color.

So why our attitude to microfiber body linen, T-shirts, polo-necks, bustiers is so distrustful ? Like synthetics is the second-rate quality material?

The reason of this is grandparent age of synthetics, sparking crimples in the dark, sliding acrylic balls, not so elastic capron. But progress is not standing still, modern mixed synthetic fabrics in fact are high-tech weaving art products. Today they are ahead of natural fabrics in some parameters in their consumer properties.

Let's compare, for example, cotton and microfiber polo-neck. Unequivocally, the cotton one keeps heat better but worse in holding its shape, loosing its color after washing. Although synthetic items do not warm you up in the winter, but they are less crumpled and very elastic. Both of them are good moisture absorbers, but the cotton goods need more time to dry up.

The leading producers of sports clothing were the first who came to realizing of all the advantages and opportunities of modern synthetics. They carried out a revolution in the minds of the consumers when had launched synthetic T-shirts and sportswear in mass production. Sportsmen all over the world quickly realized that synthetic clothes are better for trainings than cotton goods. Such clothes do not retain sweat, miss it out easily, keeping the body dry.

Brand "GIULIA" does not lag behind the achievements of scientific and technical progress. Launch of a new production line of microfiber seamless linen in 2013 has become an important event of company life. Although, I must admit that even the employees of the company hold the outdated stereotypes. Therefore, they were the first who decided check the product quality. And they were surprised at the convenience of the modern microfiber products.

Range of products by "GIULIA" catches the eye with a variety of forms. The spring-summer of this year include the polo-necks with short and long sleeves, short and long necks, the t-shirts with regular and V-neck, tops with narrow and classic straps, bustiers and panties. This under linen is hygroscopic, nicely emphasizes the silhouette, and the most important - it is without side seams. So that it is insensible under the clothes and is not rolled.

As for the color palette, in addition to the regular white and black colors the highly elastic products of lavender, menthol, cherry, lemon, sea green and other colors are offered to the buyer. The one issue it is important to remember is to wash the clothes microfiber in a sparing mode.

"Bright women need bright clothes" - the "GIULIA" designers have decided it and turned these plans into the life, and the only thing we have to do is to overcome the outdated stereotypes.