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Without resting on our laurels - we are moving ahead again, reaching new markets. By popular requests of our customers there has recently produced a collection of cotton socks. This collection consists of six groups:

  • TS – is a group of short cotton terry sports socks.

There are 3 models in this group: TS-01, TS-02, TS-03, with different patterns, production technologies and colors. I would like to draw attention to the technological differences. The article numbers TS-02, TS-03 in the middle of the foot there is added new thread that fixes the sock on foot due to its properties and weave changing, thereby making these products more convenient and comfortable especially for sports enthusiasts.

  • TL – is a group of cotton terry classic-high socks.

There are four models in this group: TL-01, TL-02, TL-03, TL-04. These models have wide range of patterns and colors.

  • CS – - is a group of plane knitting short cotton sports socks .

There are two models in this group: CS-01, CS-02.

  • CF – is a group of plane knitting cotton medium height socks.

These products are suitable for everyday use. There are two models in this group: CF-01, CF-02.

  • CP – is a group of plane knitting classic high cotton socks with floral patterns.

There are four models in this group: CP-01, CP-02, CP-03, CP-04. These models are distinguished by different patterns and colors.

  • CG is a group of plain knitting classic high cotton socks, with geometric patterns.

There are three models in this group: CG-01, CG-02, CG-03.

I would like to pay attention to the advantages of our socks. In particular, we use 100% cotton, without any impurities. Comfortable models, soft elastic band that does not force your leg over, the comfortable height, which is fixed at the necessary level and does not cause discomfort. And the most important issue - the products are already on sale.

Indulge your legs with ТМ «GIULIA».



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