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A production secret is that special technology is used for manufacturing «GIULIA» seamless underwear - circular knitting used in the tights production. It is done without cutting, sewing and seams! You may ask, "But what all these difficulties for?" The fact that seamless underwear has a lot of indisputable advantages: freedom of movements, invisibility through the fine and elegant clothes, and also the functionality and practicality, which is important for such a delicate issue.

A few words about what a microfiber (microfibre), it is a new generation of textile, velvety, aesthetic, strong fabric, resistant to chemical and light stimulus, air permeable ("breathable").

Undoubted advantages of microfiber:

  • Microfiber does not roll down and crumple;
  • Microfiber gives the product a perfect smoothness and velvetiness;
  • Microfiber is not torn;
  • Microfiber is not exposed to household mud due to the fiber structure;
  • Microfiber products quickly dry up after washing;
  • The microfiber products colors brightness keeps for a longer time than the usual tissue products;
  • Microfiber is highly resistant, it has a rich palette of bright colors, this fabric is completely easy washable;
  • Microfiber fabrics have high absorbing capacity due to the extremely small diameter of the thread section;
  • Microfiber products keep their shape after multiple washings;
  • It isconsidered to be an excellent material for sports.

Hence there is the conclusion: seamless underwear in different life situations is the best deal and a vital necessity.

Our «GIULIA» products are very comfortable and elegant models suitable for every occasion of life. Soft seamless microfiber is a high-quality guarantee of good wearing. Seamless underwear line consists of classic models like the underwear (various kinds of panties, tops) and outdoor clothes (shirts, T-shirts, polo neck with short and long sleeves, cardigans with round or V-neck) with a great variety of colors.


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