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"Giulia" package creating. From the first frame to the hands of buyers.

It is not a secret that the development of each package begins its way from the marketing idea. First of all, the designers created the concept, which includes the background color, the texture, and its the central object of attention - the model presenting the tight.

So, the first step ... Legs of women in tights should be graceful, beautiful and elegant, because it is the main package concept criterion. The model search begins with the model agencies and the precasting takes up most of time to find the model for future cover page. Among dozens of models is selected two or three girls to take part in the next stage - in the casting for photo session.

Usually it happens in the studio in the tights required for the package creation. After making the provisional shooting analyzes of the footage with great attention to the details, from the model experience to her appearance. But it may happen that worked out concept may be fundamentally changed, and then the first stage begins again. But if the material is accepted for the further development, the next step is the photosession.

Photoshoot ... This paragraph will not disclose all the photosession details, because every photographer has his own secrets and techniques to convey the idea of a new packaging design for women's tights. The only thing that would be desirable to convey to the reader of this article is the labour intensity and long-term process of women tights shooting. Every detail is taken into account ... every aspect of the model position can bring a tastelessness of the frame. For more than one hour, the models have to change their positions for finding the right and good angle. In the end among the hundreds of frames the only one is chosen. It is the one that successfully and harmoniously fits into the concept of package cover page of the particular model women's tights.

The third stage. The analysis of the footage and the subsequent processing in graphic editors ... and also we would like to note that the footage can cost thousands ... and it depends on the amount of the photo shoots. And it is not easy to choose the only one right photo among so many shots, and cannot be solved in one day. Disputes, the arguments, pros and cons ….and in the end every frame stands on its own place on specially developed design patterns. After a final review the experts in marketing give all the material to the designer. It is in the design department women tights package concept, beginning to be introduced into life in full force. The design department develops and implements the concept of tights package. You will find the details of the further development process, in the next article …

To be continued ...


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